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 The Connecticut Cookie Cottage. 

... a little heart project that I’ve been working on ...

 I'm happy to share it with you.

On this site, you'll find a few goodies that I've made. Every creation is filled with hopes that they would bring a smile to your face and make you feel warm and fuzzy inside. As children, we all have at least one fond memory of the very first time we tried a perfectly warmed and delectable cookie or the smell of fresh bread from the oven at the end of a long day of play.

There's something so spectacular in this tiny vehicle of love, isn't there?


I am daring to make a new variation of that memory.

Hoping to

t r a n s f o r m

childhood nostalgia

through sophisticated renditions

f o r m e d

as tiny treasures

that will

d a n c e

along your

t a s t e b u d s.

Fingers Crossed *Cheese! :)

After such a trying and tiresome year, I wanted to be able to offer a little bit of something that I enjoy doing so much and share my smiles with you. Not only do I love making food, but I also enjoy exploring and experiencing new emotions through my palate. Each product I'll offer will carry a special sentiment, a memory of a friend, a past love, and a story. I hope that by sharing mine with you, offers you the opportunity to make some new stories, fresh memories, have a new love exchange-  of your own.   

... A little bit about me ...

I am a Pastry Chef by trade, Mother by grace, and  Entrepreneur by spirit.      I recently relocated to the town of Weston, CT from New York City.

        Taking each step day by day, I needed to find a way to do life again and I missed sharing what I loved to do with the people around me ...  and so ...

Connecticut Cookie Cottage was born.

I am classically trained in the art of vienoisserie for both French Classical and American Pastry. I am a proud alumni of The French Institute (also known as The International Culinary Center) in Soho, NY. I have worked the restaurant industry for nearly 20 years in almost every capacity from a cocktail waitress on the Las Vegas Strip, to barback, server, and then Chef.

I think it's safe to say that feeding people was always written in the stars for me. 

I have had the fortunate opportunity to work in some of the finest restaurants alongside Michelin Starred Chefs, JBA and Diamond recognized establishments from Las Vegas to NYC . My fondest memory was cooking a meal with one of my favorite Chefs at The James Beard House in Manhattan, NY. Not so much because of where we were cooking, (although -WoW)... but mainly with whom I was cooking with.

" Genuinity and integrity will always come through when you taste something that someone made for you." 

And if no one ever told you, ...


It's what we are truly plating when we cook,  -and create - , and bake

- just for you.



and love.  

I hope over the next few years you enjoy some of my "heartbeats" as much as I'll enjoy making them for you. As a small business owner, I appreciate your support and I promise to always give you my best. 

Now let's go eat some goodies! 

Raising up my glass (well, pint) of milk (well, beer) to you and yours


Wishing you happiness.

Love & Light Your Way


A lifetime of Gratitude.



Aerial View of Baking Ingredients

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